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  • St- George Island-Wallred sponges in tunnels   depth: 7m-32m

Wall dive with beautiful sponges . The Wall starts at 8 m. and drops down to 32m.

  • St-George Island Fish-side   depth: 3m-42m

Slope dive with usual a lot of fish life, including groupers, tuna and barracudas. Beautiful swim through at 5 m. covered in sponges

  • Red tunnels   depth: 3m-8

Shallow dive with swim throughs covered in red sponges, ancient pottery imbedded in the rocks and abundant marine life.

  • Amphitheatre   depth: 5m-20m

Vertical wall dive between 8 and 20m parallel  to the coast .

  • Fontana Amorosa   depth: 14 m

Fontana Amorosa means " Spring of love" and used to be a natural harbour at  ancient timeswhen Romaine galleons  stopped for fresh water and other supplies. As a resultthis you can find a lot of ancient pottery on this beautiful dive site.

  • Masaki Island   depth :15 m

Submerged Island on the cape of the Akamas Peninsula with swim throughs and arches as points of interest.

  •  Black Rocks   depth : 16 m

Situated on the South-Western coast of the Akamas Peninsula this dive site has a lot to offer: underwater canyons, caves, tunnels and plenty of  marine life.

  •   Koppos Island

Volcanic island wit lots of tunnels, caves and mysterious rock formationblue lagoon

  •   Blue Lagoon   depth : 7 m

Crystal clear water with Caribbean sand. Ideal place to discover scuba diving

  •   Afrodites Beach   depth : 10 m

Beautiful dive site close to the famous Baths of Afrodite and the place were we do most of our nightdives.

  •   Bat caves  depth : 8 m

We dive into a cave which houses hundred of fruit bats. An experience you will never forget .

  •  Sandy caves

Shallow dive with pink sand. Ideal for Discover Scuba Diving or other introductory dives

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